Sarah Finney – Interior Designer

Sarah Finney – Interior Designer

Sarah Finney is an interior designer based in Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, UK. Sarah describes the company on her own website:

Our designs are about understated simplicity and style, transforming any space to fit your lifestyle, taste and not forgetting …the budget.

Sarah approached us because our own ethos is very similar – clean, creative websites, focusing on beautiful designs and simplicity, and made to fit your own style and taste, and not forgetting…the budget! Sarah found us through Google and once I’d seen photographs of her work, I was extremely keen to start working on the site.

Sarah’s images made the work easy – we need a completely stripped back and minimal feel that allowed the images to breath and speak for themselves. We used clean, bold sans-serif fonts by Google Fonts; Droid Sans in all caps for titles, and Lato for the body text – a glorious font pairing. The crisp white backgrounds and subtle fonts give a contemporary feel that shouts style.

To make the site really ‘pop’, we decided to introduce Sarah’s own handwriting to the homepage. Her own logo was already her own handwriting – Sarah having been a professional calligrapher meant that her own handwriting is just beautiful. Sarah wrote out a few page titles with a pen and paper (yes, a real pen and real paper!) and took some photos on her phone. I took the photos into Adobe Photoshop and removed the backgrounds. By turning them into PNG files, we could keep the transparency and overlay them over the sliding images at the top of the homepage.

The other page to note is the Gallery page. We played around and went back and forth a bit on style and layout, but both immediately agreed on the ‘Huge IT’ gallery plugin when we saw it on the site. Rather than cropping images to square thumbnails, the gallery keeps all images in their original ratio, and fits them together like building blocks. The gallery is completely responsive, and it’s actually quite addictive changing the size of your browser window and seeing how the images re-arrange themselves in front of your eyes!

The whole site works great on mobile, and it’s built in WordPress so that now Sarah can update all of her own content whenever she likes.

See the site and Sarah’s beautiful work, and let us know what you think.


Working with Danny was a real pleasure. He transformed my dated web design ideas into something fresh, contemporary and stylish, and I’m so pleased with the result – it’s already attracted new business and great feedback from my clients.

In a world of web designers, Danny stands way out from the crowd. His creativity, technical knowledge, not to mention patience is just amazing.

Thank you, Danny!

Sarah Finney

Interior Designer, Sarah Finney Interior Design

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