How we work

The ONLY possible outcome when designing and creating websites is that our client is 100% happy with their site, and we are 100% happy that we’ve created a design that we’re proud of.


Stage 1 – get in touch!

To get the ball rolling, you need to get in touch – the best way is using the handy form on our contact page. Give me as much information as you can, such as how many pages you’d like, any other websites that you like the look of, any deadlines or budgets etc etc. We’ll then get back in touch with you and (assuming you live in the UK) I’ll normally arrange a face to face meeting. If you live elsewhere in the world we can talk on the phone or Skype.

We find these meetings are when the excitement begins. We will discuss all of your web design needs, look at any influences that you have and your work, and we will begin to show you some of the many options that you have available to you for your website. From this meeting we’ll devise a more solid brief and also a task list – things that we’ll need from you, and things that we can start with right away.


Stage 2 – concepts and design

The second stage is the design. We will make mock-ups of site using Adobe Photoshop, InDesign or Illustrator, and send you over ideas as jpgs to your email. At this stage ANYTHING can change, so we can thrash out as many ideas and variations as we see fit. When we are BOTH completely happy that the design is going to make your company stand up and get noticed, we’ll begin the coding and development stage.


Stage 3 – coding and development

This is when we start making the designs in to a working site. We normally host these files on a hidden url at this stage so that you can see them and use them, but other people won’t. This is where you’ll see and ok all of the functions of your website – portfolio sections, videos, galleries, blog, animated effects and much more!


Stage 4 – testing

When we’re both happy (as always) with the site on the hidden url, it’s a good idea for us both – plus any friends and family that you might want to show the site to – to really put the website through it’s paces, testing all links, pages and functionality.


Stage 5 – Launch!

After any bugs from stage 4 have been fixed, we’ll launch the site on your own URL.


With all websites we’ll build in Google Analytics which you’ll always have access to so that you can see how your website is performing, and tweak it if necessary. we’ll also advise you on keywords and tags to get the best Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for your website.


If you’d like to know more, please feel free to contact us at any time.