I’ve been designing and building websites since 2003 – creating clean, creative user experiences has always been a passion of mine. I love to design, and I love to code. Bit of a geek really.

I’ve got 3 kids (boys) so I do a lot of dinosaur/guitar/football/wrestling/xbox kinda stuff, and I’m lucky enough to have a wife that’s a community manager (Facebook/Twitter etc etc) so we end up spending most evenings at the computers with the odd glass of red wine…turns out the kids like coding too, woohoo!

I’ve also done my fair share of music playing, photography and art, and a lot of my clients are creative people who need a genuine original touch that reflects their own work.

I’ve made hundreds of published sites for people from all walks of life – take a look at my testimonials page to read what some of my clients are saying about me. The bottom line is that I strongly believe that in this day and age, people are only willing to pay for honesty, quality, and genuine passion.

I generally use WordPress to build sites so that after we’re done, you will have full control over your own content; however this does not mean that you’re tied to a template – the sites I build are completely bespoke to your needs. I’m only happy if you’re happy – it’s the only way it can work.

Whether you have a complete creative vision, or don’t have a designer’s bone in your body, I’m ready to take you to the end of your creative journey.

If you have any questions or would like a free quote for your web design project, please get in touch using the handy form on my contact page, or by dropping me an email.