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Hello! I’m Danny Fontaine. The team here just loves to make clean, creative websites for companies and individuals who genuinely care about their presence on the web. Completely custom WordPress design and development.


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Clara Amfo - Radio 1 DJ

Clara Amfo

Radio 1 DJ (formerly Kiss FM) Clara Amfo needed a very simple website to show the world who she was, and how they could get in touch with her via social media. We went for widescreen imagery and bold yellow icons.

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Morten Morland

Morland Cartoon

Political cartoonist for The Times, Morten Morland, needed a site to show his creative genius in a clean and minimalistic way – right up my street! Featuring a clean and crisp layout with animations and interactions that compliment is beautiful illustrations.
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Sarah Finney - Interior Designer

Sarah Finney

Sarah Finney creates beautiful, modern, clean and creative interiors, and needed a website to represent all of those facets and show off her work. We went for big imagery and a spacious design to showcase her work in a contemporary website.
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Suzette Brissett - Choreographer and Creative Director

Suzette Brissett

Suzette Brissett is a choreographer and creative director who has worked with the likes of Jay Z, Beyonce, Jessie J and Lily Allen. She needed a website that would show off her creative talents and represent her as a visionary artist.
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Matt Crump The 5683

The 5683

Matt Crump, AKA The 5683, is an artist at the forefront of English mixed media. His brief was simple – a clean, creative and modern website that showcased his work without in a stylish way without any ‘overly designed’ aspects that might take away from the pieces themselves.
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Richard Shoyemi Stylist

Richard Shoyemi

Richard Shoyemi is a stylist to the stars. His hitlist includes Nicki Minaj, Pharrell and Azealia Banks, not to mention representing the countless fashion brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and Versace. He needed a high fashion, modern and creative website to showcase his work.
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Jane Webster Illustrator

Jane Webster

Jane Webster is an illustrator covering a wide range of subject matter. She has been commissioned for many of the big name magazines, journals, papers and websites, and needed a clean and creative outlet to show case her artwork.
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Rashida Blair Make-up Artist

Rashida Blair

Rashida is my kind of client – completely creative and wanting a website that is modern, clean and creative. She was happy to follow my lead and together we created a website that is at the cutting edge of contemporary web design.
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Philipp Ueberfellner - Make-up Artist

Philipp Ueberfellner

Combining a high fashion aesthetic, sense of humility and a solid portfolio, Philipp Ueberfellner aims to first and foremost put a smile on his model’s face, as he paints each contour to perfection. By utilising the best tools and products to tell a visual story, Philipp brings abstract concepts to life.
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Neil Dawson Photographer

Neil Francis Dawson

Well, you can’t say no to a mate, right? Well mate or not, Neil has found huge success as a fashion photographer, and came to me with a strong vision of what he wanted. I was more than happy to develop his concepts into a responsive site that he can easily update himself.
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Kiki Blah-Blah

Kiki Blah Blah

Kiki Blah-Blah is a parenting, lifestyle, food and fashion blog. Five fabulous women share their thoughts, feelings and life in general,  It’s lighthearted, informative, but nevertheless entertaining.
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Cheeky Frawg Book Publisher

Cheeky Frawg

Now this was a fun one. One of my favourite authors Jeff Vandermeer got in touch with a concept that allowed the user to explore a fictional world or beautiful imagery, and find out in their own way about the world of Cheeky Frawg Books…
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Ikonworks Wedding Photography


Lifestyle, portrait, and wedding photographer based in Basingstoke, Hampshire. Through hard work,determination and constant learning Tasha has developed a strong personal style and a growing business which she is immensely proud of.
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Head of Light Entertainment

Head Of Light Entertainment

I’ve been in bands myself – for most of my life actually, and so designing websites for bands is very close to my own heart. You need to showcase great imagery with a focus on audio and videos, with of course functionality to see when the next gig is! HOLE are brilliant, and it was an honour to make a site for such great musicians.
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Geoff Grandfield - Illustrator

Geoff Grandfield

Geoff has always been a huge hero of mine – his work features on front covers of some of my favourite novels (Raymond Chandler), and he’s a staple contributor to some of the UK’s biggest national papers. I was lucky enough to get paid-in-part with a signed original artwork.
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